Guild Rank
Realm Rank 1
Region Rank 51
World Rank 178
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Garrosh dead

Lites a posted Jan 17, 14
Pity #1
Jhasu Group 6 best group. Casuals #1


Lites a posted Dec 6, 13
Blackfuse - Moral Fiber Intact
Murgon LOL
Tyrant /approve
Neyzie This any better?

Heroic Thok

Neyzie posted Oct 21, 13
Business This is my favorite one - more like this
Smartacus oh wow very nice!
Disperse such fast progression awww yeahhh


Wuvs a posted Jun 19, 13
Shockg babs pls
Tickle Baba your also East coast right?

Heroic: Lei Shen

Wuvs a posted Jun 18, 13
Business This one definitely needs a comic. Something about moral fiber
Ralma I TRIed so hard to get naked, and im not even in the picture!

Heroic: Dark Animus

Wuvs a posted May 23, 13
Brewju Can the comic for this one not make public that I get destroyed as a tank on this fight! One poke fun of Brewju comic is...
Baba if you look hard enough...

Heroic: Twin Consorts

Wuvs a posted May 12, 13
Wuvs a Mem should be able to lend you a microscope, Preserve.
Preserve I can't find myself
Disperse Awwww yeah

Heroic: Durumu

Wuvs a posted May 6, 13
Bakana Congrats Guys!
Disperse I'm doing pretty well dodging Nalkin and Flywill
Wuvs a It's the same picture Drom... and I usually turn name plates off.

Heroic: Iron Qon

Insane posted Apr 22, 13
Preserve A wild Stone Tarecgosa Baba has appeared, pokeball go!
Disperse At least being a Belf made me taller than Nalkin so his attempt was futile

Heroic: Primordius

Insane posted Apr 19, 13
Disperse Light bulbs down in front.
Preserve Highwill wasn't in his tuxedo/bunny ears this time!

Heroic: Council of Elders

Wuvs a posted Apr 14, 13
Disperse I evaded Nalkin's advances on me once again

Heroic: Ji-Kun

Wuvs a posted Apr 8, 13
Lites a It looks like i'm setting up to drop a little poo on ralma


Wuvs a posted Apr 4, 13
Ersentii omg i'm in a comick for once!!!
Morgada My fav part of it was "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" I laughed pretty hard when I read that.
Smartacus who's that handsome paladin in the back left?

Heroic: Megaera

Wuvs a posted Apr 3, 13
Disperse :'(
Lites a Where in the world is dippy san Diago
Shockg Wuvs you play on low or something? ;)


Wuvs a posted Mar 30, 13
Sickshot epic
Preserve Noooooooooooooooooooooooo I wanted to be a racer!!!
Baba least i got third

Heroic: Tortos

Wuvs a posted Mar 27, 13

Heroic: Horridon

Wuvs a posted Mar 23, 13
Ralma he doesn't work the myspace angles well
Snootsnboots Man i dont know why, but Highwill looks REALLY FAT in this picture. monstrously fat, like he ate his hunter pet or somet...


Wuvs a posted Mar 14, 13

Happy Pi Day! 

Preserve BOOM!
Baba i blame preserve
Insane I must say I look adorable. If only revival actually removed that debuff, I would be in heaven!

Heroic: Jin'rokh the Breaker

Wuvs a posted Mar 13, 13
Business There's a significant lack of green fire as well.
Morgada Noticing ZERO meteors in this picture. Awkward >.> ..
Baba did it for keleron
The Hamster Fund